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The Autism Redemption: A Quick Follow Up   Leave a comment


A couple of weeks back, I wrote of both my and Skylar’s very positive experience at a Unitarian Church If you read the blog, first off, thank you, and second, you may recall her fascination with the ceremonial lighting of the chalice which took place in front of the entire church.  I’m pleased and proud to report that this morning, she lit the chalice for her classroom. Will this lead to her doing so one day for everyone in the church to see? Stay tuned…

Also, my next blog will drop earlier than usual tomorrow because it relates to Dr. Martin Luther King and I’d like for it to be available for reading throughout the day honoring him…and because I’ll be at the Bruins game during the usual 5:15pm publishing time and my 4gs on my phone don’t work so well at the TD Garden for some reason. But mostly for the former reason.


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